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Click here to visit Building a More Accessible World from Microsoft


  • This accessibility feature helps anyone who has difficulty reading their screen. You can find it in Ease of Access settings by going to Settings --> Ease of Access --> Magnifier.
  • Additional settings allow you to turn the tool on or off, invert colors and decide what you want to be magnified.
  • When turned on, a magnifying glass will appear on your screen, and you can zoom in or out by clicking on the + or Ė icon.


  • For the blind or those with low vision, Narrator assists in reading text as you type, websites and other sections out loud.
  • Narrator also plays sounds when you click into applications or pages and reads hints for buttons for visually impaired individuals.
  • You can access the Narrator by going to Settings --> Ease of Access -->Narrator.

Use your ears to read books and save your eyes

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For more sophisticated screen reader software, check out JAWS for Windows.


The Keyboard settings offer several options for people with disabilities that make the keyboard easier to use. Within the Keyboard settings are four tools to help with accessibility:

Sticky keys let you hold one key down at a time instead of multiple keys for keyboard shortcut combinations like CTRL+ALT+DELETE.
You can access Sticky Keys by going to Settings --> Ease of Access -->Keyboard..

Filter keys check for repeated keystrokes so you donít have to use the backspace key every time to go back over what youíve written.
You can access Filter Keys by going to Settings --> Ease of Access -->Keyboard..

Toggle keys help you know whether Caps Lock is activated or not by playing a sound each time you hit the Num Lock, Scroll Lock, or Function Lock keys.
You can access Toggle Keys by going to Settings --> Ease of Access -->Keyboard..

The On-screen Keyboard allows you to use your mouse to key in characters from the graphical keyboard on the screen.
You can access the On-Screen Keyboard by going to Settings --> Ease of Access -->Keyboard..

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